One Touch Poll & Rewards

Discover, Vote, & Save! Dive into the world of instant polling and exclusive coupons tailored just for you.

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  • Public Polls: Have a burning question? Create a poll or cast your vote on a variety of topics.
  • Private Polls: Organise your very own closed polls!
  • Quick Test: Organise your very own assessments - both public or private!
  • Coupon Distribution: For closed communities, access special offers through QR-code driven coupons directly in your inbox.

Key Highlights

  • Transparent & Trustworthy
  • Engaging
  • Easy Authentication
  • Efficient Moderation

Go Green, Go Digital with One Touch Poll —Your Ultimate Event Management Solution

Tired of dealing with paper vouchers, tickets, or coupons at your private events? Want a convenient, secure, and eco-friendly alternative? One Touch Poll is the solution you've been waiting for!

  • Save the Earth, One Event at a Time
  • Easy Sharing via Email or WhatsApp
  • In-built QR Scanner for Swift Check-ins
  • Key Features

New Feature: QuickTest

Unlock the potential of interactive assessments with QuickTest, the latest innovation from Test Admin. Designed to accommodate both private and public settings, QuickTest offers a versatile platform for creating and administering tests. Whether you’re conducting a closed exam for a selected group of users via their emails or hosting a public test accessible through a simple keyword search, QuickTest provides the flexibility you need.